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About Melinda Howard

1. Name: Melinda Howard
2. Age: 58
3. City: Columbus
4. Occupation: Retired
5. When did you start running? Labor Day 2011
6. Why did you start running? MSU was offering C25K and my sister asked me to do it with her, so I did!
7. Why did you join Eat & Run MS? I’ve been watching John’s posts this past year and thought it was a great organization.
8. What is your favorite local place to run? Seeing as I live in the country between Columbus and Starkville, I dearly love my little country roads. There’s always an adventure waiting and I love it!
9. What is your favorite distance to run? I love running the 50 mile distance.
10 What is your favorite race to run? My favorite race, well there’s actually two. I dearly love the Coke 10k in Corinth, Mississippi. It’s a fabulous race and I run it every year. My other favorite race also happens to be a Mississippi race and that’s the MS50 Trail Run in Laurel. I’ve run this race three times. Both are very well run/organized events with amazing volunteers and support.
11. What is your next running goal? My next race is the Pistol 100 Mile in March and then The NYC Marathon
12. What is your goal mileage for 2020? Would you believe I don’t have one? My goal is to toe the line at my races healthy and well prepared. The mileage to do this is secondary.

To donate for Melinda’s miles, click here and choose her name in the “Donate for” section

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