Dorothy Hughes Running

About Dorothy Hughes

1. Name: Dorothy Hughes
2. Age: I’ll be 60 in April, yikes!
3. City: Ridgeland, MS
4. Occupation: Violinist
5. When did you start running? 2012 (age 52)
6. Why did you start running? 
I was living an unhealthy lifestyle and morbidly obese, I felt a change was in order if I was going to live the long life I’m hoping for and get to see kids married, have grandchildren, and enjoy retirement with my husband. I saw a bumper sticker one day for the half marathon at Disney World, went home and signed up, then googled how to become a runner, and got hooked. It also helped me lose 70 of my 110 lb. goal.
7. Why did you join Eat & Run MS? I was seeing posts about it from some of the members and went looking to see what it is. I was thrilled to see such an important cause that I can help with my miles. I was born in Mississippi, but have never lived here until a year ago. I have lived many places, but Mississippi has its own set of problems. If there is a way to run miles and help others have access to the basic requirements in life, I’m all in.
8. What is your favorite local place to run? I can be found 5 days a week running or biking on the multi-use trail that goes out to the Rez. It was a factor in choosing our neighborhood, and I love it! 
9. What is your favorite distance to run? I’ve run 13 half marathons so far, but the truth is 10K is my favorite. They are just a little harder to find. 
10. What is your favorite race to run? My favorite race is anything on a trail, but I’ve yet to embrace that adventure here….still wrapping my head around all the creepy critters y’all have….poisonous snakes, gators….
11. What is your next running goal? Berlin Marathon 9/27/20
12. What is your goal mileage for 2020? Goal mileage for 2020 is the elusive 1,000 miles

To donate for Dorothy’s miles, click here and choose her name in the “Donate for” section

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