About Deanna Boyles

1. Name: Deanna Boyles
2. Age: 52
3. City: Raymond
4. Occupation: Commercial Insurance
5. When did you start running? 2014
6. Why did you start running? My good cholesterol was too low and the best to increase it was exercise
7. Why did you join Eat & Run MS? My son-in-law is a paramedic and I want to help First Responders of Mississippi
8. What is your favorite local place to run? The Rez Loop because I see all my friends out there running
9. What is your favorite distance to run? Half Marathon
10. What is your favorite race to run? Bear Bait
11. What is your next running goal? Completing Augusta Half Iron man in September
12. What is your goal mileage for 2020? Whatever I am fortunate to be able to do

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