About David Josey Jr

1. Name: David Josey Jr
2. Age: 42
3. City: Madison
4. Occupation: Pediatric Pulmonologist
5. When did you start running? 2012
6. Why did you start running? to lose weight just lifting weights weren’t cutting it
7. Why did you join Eat & Run MS? to put all the miles that I’m running to good use
8. What is your favorite local place to run? anywhere except trails 🙂 they’re evil
9. What is your favorite distance to run? probably a 5k the only thing I’m moderately fast in…
10. What is your favorite race to run? The Little Rock Marathon… those medals tho’
11. What is your next running goal? Pr my marathon distance Houston 2021
12. What is your goal milage for 2020? 1200 miles

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